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Want to become a black belt or certified instructor? 

  • Kyusho Jitsu Novice Program (And/or Level One Instructor)
    This is where everyone starts in their certification. This program will take you to 1st Dan in the system.   Prices on this package are $25/student/hour, three to four hours per month for a year, plus $300 testing fee for those who wish to test for Black Belt $500 for teaching certification.
    Feel free to contact me for further information on this course.

Until our products page is up and running I offer you this.

I am sharing this youtube video of Grand Master Chris Thomas (above) teaching revival/restoration technique for a kyusho (pressure point) knock out.  This information is crucial for anyone interested in the science of Kyusho Jitsu.

Basic Revival

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a workshop with Grand Master Thomas several years ago.  His knowledge is beyond measure and I can not over stress the importance of this information.

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