Level One Instructors Certification

Obtain your level one instructors certification.

Kyusho Jitsu Novice Program

And/or Level One Instructor.

This is where everyone starts in their certification. This program will take you to First (degree black belt) Dan in the system, and is a wonderful eye opening experience into the world of Martial Arts.   Take all of your techniques to amazing new heights in this in-depth, practical study of this extraordinary system. At the end of this program (if you hold a Dan rank in your root art), you will be eligible to test for your Dan/First Degree in the art and be able to move onto an advanced levels of study.

Your classes will cover:

  • Basic Anatomy – Vital Points
  • Meridians and their destinations
  • Pressure points and their locations
  • 8 arm points
  • 8 leg points
  • Cycle of Destruction
  • Cycle of Creation
  • 3 Power Principals
  • Striking elements
  • Chi exercises – basic and advanced
  • 5 principals of Kyusho Jitsu
  • 24‐hour cycle
  • Describe Yin/Yang and location on the body. (Which organs Yin/Yang etc.)
  • Stances and their purpose (Neutral, Forward, Reverse, Horse, Cat, Cross Over)
  • Strikes which type of strike to use when attacking a Meridian?
  • Form (Kata)
  • Breakdown and pressure points attacked
  • Level 1 – Punching
  • Level 11 – Grab or Combination Punch
  • Level 111 – Grappling with pressure points
  • Resuscitation – Head – Heart – Lungs – (Both individually and together)
  • Breakdown 3 self defense including pressure points and Meridians
  • Basic Joint manipulation with Power Stances and cycle of destruction and Meridian attacked. (3 only)

Prices on this package are $75/student/month for a year, plus $500 testing fee for those who wish to test for Teaching certification.

*NB If you are a school owner and run a novice class with 10 or more students you are welcome to attend the class free of charge.  Testing fees still apply.

Feel free to contact me for further pricing information on this course.