Kyusho Jitsu Shodan

Get you first degree black belt in pressure point fighting.

Kyusho Jitsu Novice Program

And/or Level One Instructor.

This is where everyone starts in their certification. This program will take you to First (degree black belt) Dan in the system, and is a wonderful eye opening experience into the world of Martial Arts.   Take all of your techniques to amazing new heights in this in-depth, practical study of this extraordinary system. At the end of this program (if you hold a Dan rank in your root art), you will be eligible to test for your Dan/First Degree in the art and be able to move onto an advanced levels of study.

Your classes will cover:

  • Basic Anatomy – Vital Points
  • Meridians and their destinations
  • Pressure points and their locations
  • 8 arm points
  • 8 leg points
  • Cycle of Destruction
  • Cycle of Creation
  • 3 Power Principals
  • Striking elements
  • Chi exercises – basic and advanced
  • 5 principals of Kyusho Jitsu
  • 24‐hour cycle
  • Describe Yin/Yang and location on the body. (Which organs Yin/Yang etc.)
  • Stances and their purpose (Neutral, Forward, Reverse, Horse, Cat, Cross Over)
  • Strikes which type of strike to use when attacking a Meridian?
  • Form (Kata)
  • Breakdown and pressure points attacked
  • Level 1 – Punching
  • Level 11 – Grab or Combination Punch
  • Level 111 – Grappling with pressure points
  • Resuscitation – Head – Heart – Lungs – (Both individually and together)
  • Breakdown 3 self defense including pressure points and Meridians
  • Basic Joint manipulation with Power Stances and cycle of destruction and Meridian attacked. (3 only)

Prices on this package are $75/student/month for a year, plus $300 testing fee for those who wish to test for Black Belt.

Feel free to contact me for further pricing information on this course.