About Myself

  • So who Am I?

My name is David Huntley (above in the somewhat compromised position) and I have had a long and eclectic martial arts journey.  I began my training in 1975, studying western boxing at a community centre in my home town.  I have been studying Karate since 1982, and have cross trained in many styles until finally receiving my Shodan (level one black belt) in Isshinryu Karate in 2006.  I’ve trained in what ever styles were open to me; Arnis, Karate, Tai Chi, Jujitsu, many others.

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Still, there seemed to be something missing.  I began to question many things in my own art.  Things were just not adding up. Techniques that I felt should work only worked some of the time or didn’t work at all. I had more questions about my kata (patterns) than I had answers, and many of the answers I got were almost laughable.

So I looked outside my system for answers.  I have endured much so that you might not have to.  I attended seminars, bought books, videos, DVDs, searched the web, payed for downloads and online courses.  I spent thousands of dollars on information, some of which was not worth a penny of it; most of the time the information that was useful was only partially presented. I would analyse and cross-reference the information and take it back to a core group of students, and we would test it, over and over again. We kept what worked and discarded the rest. A trend began to appear with a reoccurring group of individuals and a reoccurring system: Kyusho Jitsu; translated as “One Second Fighting”.

At the time of this writing I am a second degree black belt and level two certified instructor of Kyusho Jitsu under Grand Master Art Mason of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance, and the western Canadian director with the aforementioned organization.